ClimateExpo ’22

The climate crisis is crying out for major changes, which are often beyond our imagination. We need the imagination of artists to portray the unimaginable. That is why ArtWorlds, in collaboration with Museum de Fundatie, is organizing the Climate Expo ’22 , the first national exhibition on climate change with open registration. The exhibition can be seen at three locations; Academie House Grote Kerk in Zwolle, Kasteel het Nijenhuis with sculpture garden in Heino / Wijhe, and Museum de Fundatie Zwolle.

The makers have determined what ClimateExpo ’22 looks like: the exhibition has been put together by open registration and an anonymous selection. From 2200 works of art, 251 works were chosen by a large, mixed jury. All contemporary visual art forms are represented at ClimateExpo ’22: from painting to outdoor sculptures, from models to photography, and everything in between. The only condition is the theme: climate change.

Sometimes intuitively, sometimes rationally, the participating artists show how climate change affects our existence, and what the consequences are for our immediate environment, the city, the landscape, animals and our way of life. This exhibition shows that art is society, and a necessary means of understanding each other. ClimateExpo ’22 emphasizes that climate change is the greatest challenge of current and future generations, but also offers hope for the future.


The exhibition is accompanied by a handy pocket-sized catalog designed by design agency 75B from Rotterdam and sustainably produced by the printing company Libertas Pascal from Utrecht. The catalog is for sale for € 7.50 at the museum shop of Museum de Fundatie and the Academy House.


Sales Exhibition

The works of art are for sale during the exhibition period. ArtWorlds Foundation facilitates and receives 30% commission per work sold. With this commission, the Foundation can help make its projects possible. Museum de Fundatie financially not involved in the sale procedure.

A variant of ZomerExpo

ClimateExpo’ 22 is the result of ZomerExpo and is organized by ArtWorlds in collaboration with Museum de Fundatie. ZomerExpo is a national sales exhibition of contemporary art in a Dutch museum, consisting of works of art that have been selected anonymously after open registration. The summer event, first launched in 2011, attracts a large crowd and is a great barometer of diverse tastes.

Academiehuis Grote Kerk Zwolle (foto’s Peter Tijhuis)


Tuinzaal Kasteel het Nijenhuis, Heino/Wijhe (foto’s Peter Tijhuis)





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